Quick short about Georgia

For the first time in our lives my husband and I are visiting the beautiful state of Georgia. I just want to give a brief mention to some of the places and experiences that we have had. I plan to make some specific blogs in the near future. These are just some things that won’t get a full blog post, but are worth mentioning.

First of all, Atlanta drivers live up to their reputation. Thankfully my husband lived near and worked in Chicago, so he has no trouble handling the driving.

Second, from a few sources we heard that there is no such thing as southern hospitality. Let me assure you that this is not correct. We recognize that everyone’s experience is different, and often based on what they project. My husband and I are both warm and outgoing people, and that is how we have experienced Georgians to be as well.

Chick-fil-A is huge here. Their headquarters are here. They are everywhere. We drove through one for lunch one day, and it was super busy. We were quite impressed with how efficient they are. They had people directing traffic, taking orders on portable devices and multiple lanes and stations for picking up your food. Which brings me to another southern staple…. sweet tea. In the south they LOVE their sweet tea. It is diabetes-causing sweet. My local friend says it is best to order it half sweet and half non-sweet with extra ice. I will remember this.

Georgia farmers market in Forest Park is HUGE, and will one day have it’s own blog post by me. For our first visit we were just checking it out. There is so much fresh produce, fresh and dried herbs, a greenhouse, pottery, all kinds of interesting things. Lots of people drive through in their cars because it is so big and they don’t want to walk it. There are store areas behind some of the store fronts to walk through. The perk for us was Po Boys Flowers, ran by a lovely elderly lady who was so friendly and such a joy to talk with, and she invited us to come back…. and we will once our move is complete. She has such a huge variety of house plants and lovely flowers, and we purchased some local honey from her and some peach jam.

And last but not least, Smoothie King…They are not horribly over prices like a lot of places are that sell smoothies and they have smoothies specific to whatever your needs or desires may be. And the lady even gave my husband some bananas. 🙂

All in all, this has been an amazing experience. I am even more excited for my lives here to start once we get moved here in less than a month.