2016 Election Hangover

Here is my insight to the results of the 2016 election results. Take this with a grain of salt, and know that my only intention is the help make sense of it all and to replace fear and hate with love and peace….. Always LOVE & PEACE!

This election certainly seems to have divided our country. A candidate winning the popular vote, yet not the electoral vote and therefore the presidency, is always a recipe for some unrest. The race was filled with mud-slinging, hate, fear and lies. Now that the results have come in, many are inclined to be fearful.

The fears I have witnessed being mentioning are based on what Trump is for and against… LBGT, Abortion, Religion, Immigrants and our Climate.

Let me start by reminding everyone that the President of the United State is not a dictator. We live in a democratic republic that was skillfully set up by our Forefathers with checks and balances for this very reason. They didn’t want any one person to have ultimate power. Think back to the presidencies that you have known in your lifetime. How many presidents have been able to get into office and make all, or even half of the changes they promised during their campaign?

For those who may need a refresher on the checks and balances…. Our government is set up with three branches. The legislative branch is made up of Congress, the House and the Senate, and it is their job to make the laws. The judicial branch is the courts, headed by the Supreme Court, who thanks to Marbury v. Madison are the final say as to the Constitutionality of laws. It’s the judicial systems job to interpret and implement the laws. The executive branch is the President, and the people and organizations who work for him, and it is his job to enforce the laws.

That being said, let me remind everyone that Immigrants founded this country and the Constitution was written by Immigrants and protects them to the best of my knowledge. Also, the “wall” that Trump has said he would build is not likely to happen. He may be able to get tougher on immigration in some ways, but remember, the President doesn’t make the laws.

LBGT got a HUGE win when the Supreme Court upheld marriage equality. The Supreme Court gets final say on the Constitutionality of law and what they say goes. They listened to the people and did the right thing. I don’t believe there is a way to take that away.

Abortion—Roe v Wade. That should say it all. Do you recall just last year or earlier this year when Texas tried to get around this and the Supreme Court told them they couldn’t. I am pretty sure we are protected there, too.

Religion—the Constitution of the United States grants FREEDOM of RELIGION. The Constitution isn’t changing. Of the more than 100,000 proposed amendments to the Constitution since 1791, there have only been 17 successful amendments.

Climate change—for this matter, I have to rest my hope in the legislative branch. Another factor is that climate change is real, and happening and we aren’t the only country that knows about it and is trying to do something about it. So it is my greatest hope that part of international relations will be to for the US to continue to find ways to curb climate change. Because I really want for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to still be able to live on this beautiful planet.


So I read this article and think maybe you should, too…. It’s not long. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/cp/opinion/election-night-2016/it-is-possible-for-trump-to-bea-good-president


I understand the drive and desire for change. I get that people are frustrated with the way our Congress acts, or doesn’t act…. Changes in Government have been long needed. It’s possible that Trump will help shake things up and bring some necessary changes…. All who know me know that I have been speaking out about the Family Court system and the needs for changes there…. Some people think that Trump and some of the newly elected officials will help usher in that change. If that is the case, I will welcome it.


Feel what you are feeling, you are entitled to it. I have a headache that feels like a hangover today, and I don’t drink. Just know that you can’t stay in this place…..

We must move on. We cannot stay in fear.



Here is a great blog post that I think helps….. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/johnbeckett/2016/11/we-dont-have-time-for-blame.html


Now remember that our words and our thoughts are energy and we create our own reality. The first and foremost thing we need to do now and always is to spread and share LOVE and PEACE!

Second, be ready to use your political voice by speaking out, like I am here, on your social media to your friends and family and stranger…. Anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere you feel compelled to do so. Ready yourselves to protest if and when necessary, to contact your congress members, your local, state and federal representatives and tell them how you feel. Pay attention, be attentive and be active. Stand up for injustice when you see it happening, fight for what you feel is right, and give the world and those in it all the peace and love that you can give.

Don’t let fear rule you. Don’t focus on the negative. Move through it all.

Focus on hope, love and peace, and what you can do.

Be the light in the darkness. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Spread Peace & Love!