Clothes purge

Today I decided to go through ALL of my clothes. As a woman who has fluctuated in size, it has always been difficult for me to let go of great clothes in the hopes that maybe someday I will fit into them again. I intended to go through clothes any way, but the prospect of moving across the US has given me great motivation.

I didn’t follow trends I have read like, “If you haven’t worn something in a year, get rid of it.” My method was more practical and contemplative, which is similar to how I operate. I asked myself one question, “Do I really want to tote this across the country with me?” This question has brought me a very liberating clarity.

When questioning if I should keep something or not, I tried it on. If it fit and I liked and wear it or would wear it, I kept it. I did keep a few things that were a little snug, b/c they are too cute to let go of and I would miss them terribly if I went down a size and could fit into them. (Seriously, it amounted to about 5 items…. Which is a vast improvement from clothes hording tendency.)

I filled three tall kitchen garbage bags with clothes. There is even a shirt with the tag still on it (it was too big when I bought it, I should have returned it). I will take them to the thrift store so that someone else can get enjoyment out of them. It feels great to let it all go. I feel lighter and less burdened already.

My next project will be going though shoes. Although I have previously went through them, this time I will do so with my newfound criteria.

What would be the hardest thing for you to let go of in a downsizing effort?

I think the answer to that question is rather telling of the person. I would love to read your responses.