The Best Interest of the Children

The Best Interest of the Children                                                         5/11/16

In the best interest of the children is what they claim it’s about

But so many who have been through it dissent

It’s about money, about power, and keeping the status quo

Not one bit is about what’s best for the children

Ushered in and rushed about, because they are in a hurry to get you out

There are hundreds or thousands more to get to—your case is just one of so very many

And although you’ve waited months and sometimes years for your day in court—

It matters not—you’re just a number

Your children have no faces—their plight is not theirs

Their goal is to be done quickly and to gain as much from you as they can

Your children are suffering, being abused—their cries are not heard, just tossed away

It’s never been about their best interest, only what the court/states can gain

You see they fund so much with the money that they gain—

Dollar for dollar—what you pay in support is matched

Without your money they would have to figure out how to fund the programs served with the funds

It’s not about your child’s best interest—it’s about what the states can gain

Because of Title IV-D, it will never be about the children

Just politics and government, numbers and money—that’s the only interest served in the place they call Family Court