The Crab Shack Tybee Island

20160916_214618 20160916_223000

The Crab Shack is where my husband and I went for dinner our first night on Tybee Island after spending some time sitting on the beach under the full moon and enjoying the ocean we headed to get some food. It was late at night so we got to experience the restaurant oasis in the most wonderful way. The outside is decorated with lights and it looked rather magical.
Mask Lights

There are some really neat creatures that hang around on the outside of the place. gator Big gator

And when the whole restaurant isn’t in use, they bring out some pirate gear for purchasing. pirate gear

There are two thrones for a pirate king and queen, I suppose. thrones

Since we were on vacation and celebrating our birthdays and anniversary, I opted for a strawberry daiquiri that tasted amazing and gave the option for having it in a keepsake glass to take with us. strawberry daiquiri

They feature their own sauces and the shrimp sauce is the BEST shrimp sauce I have ever tasted. Sauces

Speaking of shrimp, my husband seems to very much prefer breaded shrimp. He doesn’t usually like shrimp cooked any other way. We ordered some fresh boiled shrimp (we know right where it comes from) and some deviled crab. The shrimp still had the legs and shell on, and my husband had to ask how to take them off to eat it. I happily showed him and he caught on fast and we really enjoyed the shrimp so much that we ordered a second helping. Fresh shrimp is AMAZING and so worth going to the ocean to experience.
Deviled Crab and boiled shrimp Second helping of boiled shrimp

For dessert we shared this awesome piece of key lime pie. key lime pie

The inside of the place is decorated with lots of neat stuff on the walls, too.
Big Turtle Shell Big Lobster

Being their late at night, we received excellent service and our food was fast and delicious.

We checked out the birds they have that are located just behind the gift shop (that was unfortunately closed, but we went back the next day).
Bird bird 2 bird 3 And Yoda protects the birds Yoda

Right outside the bird building there is this neat little piece….20160916_222954

Also the little gators are harder to get photos of at night… gators at night

After visiting The Crab Shack at night, we just loved the place. We talked with a lady who was also staying at Tybee Island Inn Bed and Breakfat and she felt that it was a real touristy place and not that great. We did go back the next day for lunch and experiencing it in the light of day definitely does give the more touristy place vibe. And the food and service wasn’t as good as the night before.
seafood loaded nachos shrimp po boy

I didn’t care for my shrimp po’ boy and my husband’s nachos were just okay. The inside is interesting. Lots to see. Inside scenery

The gators are a lot easier to see during the daytime. You can purchase stuff and feed them with little fishing poles if you like. Lots of people seem to enjoy doing this.
gators more gators

The place doesn’t have the same magical feel during the day. daytime outside daytime outside

All in all, it is a very neat place. I recommend going when they aren’t busy to get the best service. Seeing it after dark when it’s all lit up is a must. And the boiled shrimp is wonderful.