What’s been going on and what to look forward to

It’s been a long while since I blogged. This Spring semester was my final semester of school for my associated degree. To fulfill all my credits, I had to take five classes, instead of the usual four for full time status. Online classes are no joke, and no less work, in fact often more work than in person classes. After taking classes in person for four semesters, and then two semesters of online classes, I can say that I much prefer in person classes.

I survived, and I owned it all. I graduated Phi Theta Kappa, with honors. I am so humbly grateful. College has been a wonderful experience. I have intentions to continue my college education, but am taking a semester off.

As far as blogging goes, I have lots of topics and ideas. I just need to sit down and start putting them down and together to share. Of course, there will be food blogs, some stuff about college text books, places, and crafts. Recently I am on a crafting kick. There are some projects I have been wanting to get to, but haven’t had the time. So, I am crafting and documenting so I can blog about that as well.

My husband and I are also working on preparing our house and lives for the summer time we get to spend with our little ones….who are really not so little anymore. Our girl is 12, and our boy is going to be 10 in August. We have some fun plans and intend on making their time with us quality time. It’s possible I will come up with blogs about a thing or two while they are here with us as well.

It’s been a nice little rest since graduation and I really enjoyed getting to spend time with my daughters and granddaughter and other family. Once we got back home I needed some recovery time and could take it. Now I am happily enjoying exploring where life takes me for a little bit.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful spring and planning a great summer. Keep checking in, I will be blogging again.

Blessings, Peace and Love to all!