We are in our house/new home

The house search was interesting to say the least. Not like anything I have experienced before. It seems that it’s a fierce market for renters in Georgia, and that filling out applications and paying application fees should happen prior to looking at the house. Not only that, but some people will decide to rent a place without looking at it first. I can’t even imagine. Not to mention that it is difficult to make contact to even seen a property. Your best bet is to call and call until you talk to someone, because they don’t return or reply to emails. In fact your voice mail is often not going to result in a returned call. It is for this reason, and that the buying market is so hot here, that one of the realtors told me that I should consider getting my real-estate license. He told me that houses often only last a day on the market and that one could make a livable income pretty easily.

A week ago today we got the keys to our house. We found a company that we were comfortable with that we had an approved application in with, and decided to stick with them. The first house that we really thought we wanted, we turned down for a few reasons. The house that we chose to rent from them is nice. It’s everything that we need and some things that we wanted and most importantly, it is in a safer community than some of other areas we had considered. The town also comes with an unexpected and unintended bonus of being one of the towns that a television show that my husband and I are fans of has used for some of their filming, and some other movies have filmed here, too.

The house is a nice old house with great charm to it. It has some issues, but nothing that we can’t work around or that isn’t being addressed by the property management company. There are high ceilings, large rooms, a nice big front porch and an enclosed back porch. The kitchen has a huge double farm sized sink and lots of cupboards and the bonus of a gas stove. The bathroom has a new-ish vanity, with a faucet that lights when the water is turned on. The living room floor has a laminate that looks like hard wood. There are plenty of windows, and nice double doors from the kitchen to the back porch. And the back yard is rather large. There is also a floor to ceiling built in book shelf in the hallway, and some built in storage for bathroom linens by the bathroom.

The movers and trailer delivery’s earliest availability was for Monday, so we had to wait to actually move in to our new home. We spent Saturday cleaning the house with disposable wipes, b/c the previous tenant had broken off the outside water spicket which meant our water couldn’t be turned on yet. We met our neighbor lady, and she told us that the guy who lives across from her does some work for the owner of the house, so my husband went to talk to him to see if he knew how to turn the water on. He turned it on, and that is how we found out about the spicket being broken, so we had to shut it off until it was fixed. The neighbor called the owner and they said they would send someone to fix it on Monday. The neighbor took it upon himself to fix it on Sunday, (that’s real Southern hospitality) ┬áso that on Monday when we got here, we could turn the water on. Thankfully the management company still sent the plumber/handy man, because we had him hook up the hose for the ice machine for our fridge. There are other issues that have been addressed and that we are waiting to have addressed, but so far we are really happy with the management company’s quick response and actions.

On Monday the movers arrived prior to the trailer, although it was scheduled so that the trailer would arrive first. The movers had to wait and we had to wait and the driver thought he couldn’t get the trailer to us once he arrived in town. We told him the way that we figured would be best and thankfully the city code enforcer and my husband had talked previously and he told my husband he could call and he would come over when the trailer was delivered to help if need be, and he came right over. My husband called the truck drivers dispatch to have it okay-ed for the driver to sit and wait while the movers unloaded, because he would only have enough time to get back to the city and then need to turn around and come pick the trailer up if he left, thankfully everyone was in agreement. By 2:15pm-ish, paperwork was signed and the movers and the truck were gone.

Having everything of ours back in a house we call home is very nice. We spent Monday doing the necessary things and organizing boxes so that I could get to and find stuff while unpacking. Tuesday our internet was hooked up. I have missed having our own internet. Tuesday is also the day that I unpacked and organized the kitchen. Wednesday I spent cleaning floors really well. Thursday I took the day off from unpacking and cleaning. Today I tackled the back porch. That is the one area that the property management company disappoints me the most. The previous tenant had dogs that they let go to the bathroom on the back porch…and the smell is something I have been battling since we got the keys. Today I scrubbed the heck out of the floor, multiple times. I have no idea how anyone lives like that. The washer and dryer hook ups are on the back porch and we would like to use it for other things, too. I think it’s going to need some Kilz put down on it, but I have improved it by 100%.

We are so glad to be out of the hotel and into a house. There are so many things great about this reality. I have lots of blogging to catch up on. Thanks for hanging in there and being patient through this transition with me. I hope to get some kind of a schedule going for my blog. I am working on the house and focusing on it at the moment, because school starts soon for me, I’d like to have the house set up before school starts. I am doing all of my schooling online for my final two semesters, because I thought it would be easier than trying to find a school to transfer to here. This should be interesting, as I have no previous experience with online school, other than web-blended classes. Another new adventure.