It’s getting real

There is no denying the fact that we are moving. Our living room is full of boxes thanks to the diligent work and assistance from my sister over the weekend. I still having packing to do, but not a lot. Today the trailer that we ordered through UPack was delivered. The huge trailer parked at the side of our house means there is no denying it now.

We still have no idea where we will live in Georgia. That is a little frustrating. But my husband’s company will put us up in an extended stay place until we find a place. It should be a lot easier to find a place to live once we are actually in the area.

I am looking forward to this new adventure, very much. I still need to get the dog in for his shots to be updated, finish packing before the movers come and then clean up the house. I already have the mail scheduled to be held.

My husband’s work had a company lunch for him today along with a cake to wish him well on this new venture. That was very nice of them. It is so nice to have him with a company that is so appreciative and nurturing of his potential.

My mind is ready for the move. My heart is going to miss our granddaughter the most of all. Yes, I will miss my daughters, but they are both adults now and in that stage of pulling away unless I can do something for them. Hopefully absence will make the heart grow fonder in their case. I will miss my family. Having them so close has been really nice. But it’s not the dark ages, there are cell phones and computers and the like that can keep us connected. And they will all have a great vacation destination, too.

I find myself today watching our granddaughter so closely, wanting to memorize everything about her. All while knowing that she will grow and change so much. I hope that my daughter will allow us to Skype regularly with her, because her baby girl means the world to me. And I never want her to forget me, because she is always on my mind and in my heart.

It’s amazing how we can plan and prepare for something and yet it’s magnitude isn’t felt until it is so close. I will become a frequent flyer just to remain close to our grandbaby…. this from someone who has never flown before.

This adventure will be grand and allow for us to see and visit places we had only previously imagined. I am excited for this new chapter in our lives.

It’s getting really real, really quick.