The Crab Shack Tybee Island

20160916_214618 20160916_223000

The Crab Shack is where my husband and I went for dinner our first night on Tybee Island after spending some time sitting on the beach under the full moon and enjoying the ocean we headed to get some food. It was late at night so we got to experience the restaurant oasis in the most wonderful way. The outside is decorated with lights and it looked rather magical.
Mask Lights

There are some really neat creatures that hang around on the outside of the place. gator Big gator

And when the whole restaurant isn’t in use, they bring out some pirate gear for purchasing. pirate gear

There are two thrones for a pirate king and queen, I suppose. thrones

Since we were on vacation and celebrating our birthdays and anniversary, I opted for a strawberry daiquiri that tasted amazing and gave the option for having it in a keepsake glass to take with us. strawberry daiquiri

They feature their own sauces and the shrimp sauce is the BEST shrimp sauce I have ever tasted. Sauces

Speaking of shrimp, my husband seems to very much prefer breaded shrimp. He doesn’t usually like shrimp cooked any other way. We ordered some fresh boiled shrimp (we know right where it comes from) and some deviled crab. The shrimp still had the legs and shell on, and my husband had to ask how to take them off to eat it. I happily showed him and he caught on fast and we really enjoyed the shrimp so much that we ordered a second helping. Fresh shrimp is AMAZING and so worth going to the ocean to experience.
Deviled Crab and boiled shrimp Second helping of boiled shrimp

For dessert we shared this awesome piece of key lime pie. key lime pie

The inside of the place is decorated with lots of neat stuff on the walls, too.
Big Turtle Shell Big Lobster

Being their late at night, we received excellent service and our food was fast and delicious.

We checked out the birds they have that are located just behind the gift shop (that was unfortunately closed, but we went back the next day).
Bird bird 2 bird 3 And Yoda protects the birds Yoda

Right outside the bird building there is this neat little piece….20160916_222954

Also the little gators are harder to get photos of at night… gators at night

After visiting The Crab Shack at night, we just loved the place. We talked with a lady who was also staying at Tybee Island Inn Bed and Breakfat and she felt that it was a real touristy place and not that great. We did go back the next day for lunch and experiencing it in the light of day definitely does give the more touristy place vibe. And the food and service wasn’t as good as the night before.
seafood loaded nachos shrimp po boy

I didn’t care for my shrimp po’ boy and my husband’s nachos were just okay. The inside is interesting. Lots to see. Inside scenery

The gators are a lot easier to see during the daytime. You can purchase stuff and feed them with little fishing poles if you like. Lots of people seem to enjoy doing this.
gators more gators

The place doesn’t have the same magical feel during the day. daytime outside daytime outside

All in all, it is a very neat place. I recommend going when they aren’t busy to get the best service. Seeing it after dark when it’s all lit up is a must. And the boiled shrimp is wonderful.

Step parent survival advice

Most people believe that we don’t have control over who we fall in love with, weather we do or don’t isn’t for me to judge. Sometimes we find ourselves falling for someone who has children from a previous relationship. Learning how to navigate such relationships is a real challenge at times. Probably the biggest factor that causes loads of stress and complications can be the other parent of the children, be it the ex wife or ex husband, ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, or the one night stand or fling. Some people are fortunate and the other biological parent is a logical, rational and reasonable person, and everyone gets along and puts the best interest of the children at the forefront. Sometimes the other parent is a nightmare, for any number of reasons they are high conflict, jealous, vindictive, manipulative, borderline personality disordered, mentally disordered, abusive, spiteful, and/or any other form or disordered that doesn’t allow for any logic or rational to be applied.

Today I will share with you some tried and true tips that can help you survive the step parenting role when dealing with a high conflict parent.

First and foremost, give up any idea of the high conflict person being capable of normal. It’s just not going to happen. And if it does, it will be temporary and only to serve their own agenda. It’s best for you to not attempt to communicate with the other parent. All communication should be through the birth parents of the children only.

Second, all communication should be conducted through documentable means, there should be no direct contact. What are documentable means? Email, Our Family Wizard, Talking Parents, Google Voice, or by text and backed up and saved. Documenting communication helps keep confusion minimal, and prevents “he said, she said” issues, because proof can be presented.

Third, communication should be conducted as though conducting a business transaction, always with consideration as to what a judge would say or think of what is being said, because you never know, they may read it some day. Also, communication should be kept minimal and only be about the children.

Fourth, documentation reaches so much farther than communication. Documentation is how facts are kept straight, observations are recorded, and important information doesn’t get forgotten. Documentation becomes an excellent tool should court become necessary. Documenting the facts and not opinions on a routine basis is something that a court will look at as evidence.

Fifth, get on the same page with your partner and back each other up. At first disciplining the children should be deferred to the birth parent. If the child is in your care, you need to know what you and your partner have agreed to as acceptable punishment you can give. In our house, I give time outs and/or take a privileges and allow for my husband (the birth parent) to hand out discipline as he sees fit.

Sixth, too often in high conflict situations there can be involvement from courts, child protective services, and police. It’s best to learn and know how to reference laws in your state. Once you know what the law says about all the topics you will feel much better and can make informed decisions. Here is a great legal resource website that has divorce laws listed for the United States, you can also look up laws about other issues here at Legal Information Institute . This is another site you can use to research about laws called Justia. has some good information about family law and parental rights and obligations and is another legal resource. Another good resource is this UNIFORM CHILD CUSTODY JURISDICTION AND ENFORCEMENT ACT (1997) it covers jurisdiction questions when more than one state is involved. While I am speaking about the law, I feel it important to make sure that it is known that even if/when you marry the parent you are in a relationship with, you have zero legal right or obligations to the children.

Also from a legal standpoint if there is no court order spelling out parenting time, it’s best to encourage the birth parent to obtain one. Often time one can be drawn up in mediation and as long as both parties agree, it can be signed by a judge with out much hassle. Having a legal agreement helps in high conflict situations more than anything else.

Finally, seventh, remember to take care of yourself. Don’t agree to doing any more than you want to do. Remember that you have permission to disengage as needed. Use the support groups and gather information and helpful cooping tools. Consider counseling for yourself or the family, counselors can be a great help in blending families and giving cooping skills.

Please remember that communication is key and so very important in all relationship. And also, this step parent/ blended family stuff is often challenging. All relationships take work, blended families with a high conflict other parent takes a lot of work. Do what you have to do to keep you and your partner on track.

Experiencing the ocean for the first time

As I have previously written, last September my husband and I took a trip to Tybee Island. It was the first time in 40 years of life, that I saw the ocean. It was also the first time my husband saw it up close and in person. Once we checked into the B & B we were ready for a trip to the beach. Luckily it’s only a 5 minute walk. We could hear the ocean outside. This is the first sign indicating how close we were to the beach. DSCN2119
We had a bit of a tease, but also some palm trees. DSCN2120
And finally we could see the ocean.

I spy the ocean

I spy the ocean

From there on the walk just got better and better. DSCN2128 DSCN2129
I was like a giddy school girl once close enough to feel the ocean spray and enjoy the wonder that is the ocean.


The feeling of my feet in the ocean was amazing. DSCN2131
Water reaching

Water reaching

While standing at the edge of the ocean and letting it wash over my legs and feet the neatest feeling was how the sand slowly slips away from under my feet with the waves.
DSCN2136 DSCN2133

Tybee Island isn’t the best place to search for sea shells. The boats dredge the bottom and end up breaking up a lot of the shells before the reach the shore.
We were able to collect some shells. DSCN2300 DSCN2301

I have used the collected shells for some craft projects. I wrote about one here sea shell wind chime .

Our first trip to the beach didn’t last very long, as we were hungry and then had a dolphin cruise booked. I will blog about the cruise soon, too. We went back to the beach after the cruise and it was wonderful. The sun had gone down and there was a full moon and we just sat on a swing at the beach for as long as I wanted. We also went the next afternoon and collected sea shells after the tide went out. On Sunday we drove to Jekyll Island and visited Driftwood beach.

Visiting the ocean was everything I had hoped it would be an then some. I LOVE the sound and the sight and the feeling. I can’t wait to go back again. I am so thankful that we are only a short drive away.

Tybee Island Inn Bed and Breakfast

Last September my husband and I had the pleasure of having a weekend away to celebrate us. September is our month; my birthday, our anniversary and then his birthday all fall in September. Beyond Labor Day, it’s the off season on the coast, so it’s a great time to get a deal and also avoid the crowds. After some research, we booked our stay at Tybee Island Inn Bed and Breakfast. 20160916_151038

The drive in first leads through Savannah, a place neither of us had ever been, and we didn’t spend much time here. I did get some nice photos and will post them in another blog. In Savannah we were introduced to the big beautiful oak trees covered in Spanish Moss. The oak trees actually keep their leaves year round and the Spanish Moss does not harm them at all. It is a happy coexistence.

The entrance to the B & B.



Beautiful Oak Tree covered in Spanish Moss

Beautiful Oak Tree covered in Spanish Moss

And there is more, the entrance to this place is wonderful. There is such a great use of space and so many personal sitting areas that several couples can enjoy one on one time in close proximity.

Nice sitting area with umbrella shade to keep the sun at bay.

Nice sitting area with umbrella shade to keep the sun at bay.

Beautiful Tree

Beautiful Tree

This was our favorite sitting spot

This was our favorite sitting spot

View from the swing looking right at the B & B

View from the swing looking right at the B & B

These detailed little touches are all over at Tybee Island Inn B & B.

These detailed little touches are all over at Tybee Island Inn B & B.

Nice sitting area with outdoor curtains on the porch.

Nice sitting area with outdoor curtains on the porch.

A nice outdoor seating area.

A nice outdoor seating area.

After all the beauty outside, I am sure you are wondering what about the inside. I only took pictures of the inside of our room. The inside of the B & B is beautifully decorated with those little touches of detail all over the place. The owners desk is just to the right of the door when you walk in, the dinning area in front of you and a nice sitting area with a fire place to the left. Down the hall to the left is a little kitchenette type area where guest will find a stocked fridge and freezer that has pints of ice cream for guest enjoyments, tea, water and coffee, and a late afternoon snack is presented daily. Great touches that we completely enjoyed. After a long morning and afternoon and some time at the beach (we had to wait for the tide to go out before finding more sea shells), over heated I was very thankful for that ice cream when my husband brought me some and some yummy blondies that were waiting for enjoyment.
blondies and ice cream were wonderful for cooling me down

blondies and ice cream were wonderful for cooling me down

Our room was nice. It had everything we needed. Here are some photos I snapped.
Cute sea shell look. :)

Cute sea shell look. 🙂

Tub with jets.

Tub with jets.

Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling when you 1st enter the room.

Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling when you 1st enter the room.

Our bed.

Our bed.

Love these ceilings

Love these ceilings

Here is a little history on the place.

Here are some nice pictures taken in the dark while my husband and I enjoyed the swing.

And here are a few pictures from the sitting area out back, just outside our room.

Sitting area off back porch

Sitting area off back porch

The sun

The sun

We enjoyed our stay. Breakfast was wonderful. It’s a nice place, and so close to the ocean. It was great to be able to walk to the ocean in 5 minutes. You can hear the ocean sitting on the swing. It was so peaceful and wonderful. This was the perfect weekend getaway for the two of us.

If you find yourself wanting to know more, or maybe even want to stay at Tybee Island Bed and Breakfast, please visit their website here tybeeislandinn

East Coast Island Inspired Wind chime

Last fall on a trip to a couple Islands on the East Coast I collected driftwood and sea shells. I have had ideas about crafts I wanted to do with them, but not the time, until now.

I decided that making this beautiful driftwood wind chime would be a good way to get a little crafty.

I picked out the shells that had holes in them already, and then a piece of driftwood.
Then I lined them up to see how I wanted them organized.

Driftwood and sea shells lined up the way desired

Driftwood and sea shells lined up the way desired

Then I grabbed my hemp string that I picked up at a craft store.

Hemp String purchased at craft store

Hemp String purchased at craft store

I tied the string onto the driftwood and pulled the string out longer then I wanted to wind chime to hang so that I had something to work with. I did the same for all four rows.
I then put the sea shells on one at a time (starting at the top) and tied knots to keep the sea shells in place (once completed I did reinforce the knots with some clear Elmer’s glue). I worked one string/row at a time to the bottom.

While working on it

While working on it

This is what it looked like completed. I still had to add the hanger and trim the strings, which I did after the glue dried.

This is how it looked hanging up.

Finished (other then trim) hanging inside

Finished (other then trim) hanging inside

And here it is hanging on the back porch.

Finished and Hanging Outside

Finished and Hanging Outside

This was a fun project that didn’t take a lot of time, maybe an hour at most. It serves as a lovely reminder of our visit to the East Coast.

What’s been going on and what to look forward to

It’s been a long while since I blogged. This Spring semester was my final semester of school for my associated degree. To fulfill all my credits, I had to take five classes, instead of the usual four for full time status. Online classes are no joke, and no less work, in fact often more work than in person classes. After taking classes in person for four semesters, and then two semesters of online classes, I can say that I much prefer in person classes.

I survived, and I owned it all. I graduated Phi Theta Kappa, with honors. I am so humbly grateful. College has been a wonderful experience. I have intentions to continue my college education, but am taking a semester off.

As far as blogging goes, I have lots of topics and ideas. I just need to sit down and start putting them down and together to share. Of course, there will be food blogs, some stuff about college text books, places, and crafts. Recently I am on a crafting kick. There are some projects I have been wanting to get to, but haven’t had the time. So, I am crafting and documenting so I can blog about that as well.

My husband and I are also working on preparing our house and lives for the summer time we get to spend with our little ones….who are really not so little anymore. Our girl is 12, and our boy is going to be 10 in August. We have some fun plans and intend on making their time with us quality time. It’s possible I will come up with blogs about a thing or two while they are here with us as well.

It’s been a nice little rest since graduation and I really enjoyed getting to spend time with my daughters and granddaughter and other family. Once we got back home I needed some recovery time and could take it. Now I am happily enjoying exploring where life takes me for a little bit.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful spring and planning a great summer. Keep checking in, I will be blogging again.

Blessings, Peace and Love to all!

2016 Election Hangover

Here is my insight to the results of the 2016 election results. Take this with a grain of salt, and know that my only intention is the help make sense of it all and to replace fear and hate with love and peace….. Always LOVE & PEACE!

This election certainly seems to have divided our country. A candidate winning the popular vote, yet not the electoral vote and therefore the presidency, is always a recipe for some unrest. The race was filled with mud-slinging, hate, fear and lies. Now that the results have come in, many are inclined to be fearful.

The fears I have witnessed being mentioning are based on what Trump is for and against… LBGT, Abortion, Religion, Immigrants and our Climate.

Let me start by reminding everyone that the President of the United State is not a dictator. We live in a democratic republic that was skillfully set up by our Forefathers with checks and balances for this very reason. They didn’t want any one person to have ultimate power. Think back to the presidencies that you have known in your lifetime. How many presidents have been able to get into office and make all, or even half of the changes they promised during their campaign?

For those who may need a refresher on the checks and balances…. Our government is set up with three branches. The legislative branch is made up of Congress, the House and the Senate, and it is their job to make the laws. The judicial branch is the courts, headed by the Supreme Court, who thanks to Marbury v. Madison are the final say as to the Constitutionality of laws. It’s the judicial systems job to interpret and implement the laws. The executive branch is the President, and the people and organizations who work for him, and it is his job to enforce the laws.

That being said, let me remind everyone that Immigrants founded this country and the Constitution was written by Immigrants and protects them to the best of my knowledge. Also, the “wall” that Trump has said he would build is not likely to happen. He may be able to get tougher on immigration in some ways, but remember, the President doesn’t make the laws.

LBGT got a HUGE win when the Supreme Court upheld marriage equality. The Supreme Court gets final say on the Constitutionality of law and what they say goes. They listened to the people and did the right thing. I don’t believe there is a way to take that away.

Abortion—Roe v Wade. That should say it all. Do you recall just last year or earlier this year when Texas tried to get around this and the Supreme Court told them they couldn’t. I am pretty sure we are protected there, too.

Religion—the Constitution of the United States grants FREEDOM of RELIGION. The Constitution isn’t changing. Of the more than 100,000 proposed amendments to the Constitution since 1791, there have only been 17 successful amendments.

Climate change—for this matter, I have to rest my hope in the legislative branch. Another factor is that climate change is real, and happening and we aren’t the only country that knows about it and is trying to do something about it. So it is my greatest hope that part of international relations will be to for the US to continue to find ways to curb climate change. Because I really want for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to still be able to live on this beautiful planet.


So I read this article and think maybe you should, too…. It’s not long.


I understand the drive and desire for change. I get that people are frustrated with the way our Congress acts, or doesn’t act…. Changes in Government have been long needed. It’s possible that Trump will help shake things up and bring some necessary changes…. All who know me know that I have been speaking out about the Family Court system and the needs for changes there…. Some people think that Trump and some of the newly elected officials will help usher in that change. If that is the case, I will welcome it.


Feel what you are feeling, you are entitled to it. I have a headache that feels like a hangover today, and I don’t drink. Just know that you can’t stay in this place…..

We must move on. We cannot stay in fear.



Here is a great blog post that I think helps…..


Now remember that our words and our thoughts are energy and we create our own reality. The first and foremost thing we need to do now and always is to spread and share LOVE and PEACE!

Second, be ready to use your political voice by speaking out, like I am here, on your social media to your friends and family and stranger…. Anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere you feel compelled to do so. Ready yourselves to protest if and when necessary, to contact your congress members, your local, state and federal representatives and tell them how you feel. Pay attention, be attentive and be active. Stand up for injustice when you see it happening, fight for what you feel is right, and give the world and those in it all the peace and love that you can give.

Don’t let fear rule you. Don’t focus on the negative. Move through it all.

Focus on hope, love and peace, and what you can do.

Be the light in the darkness. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Spread Peace & Love!




Our Marietta Diner experience

13620387_10208575548119238_7078179393967254984_nFor Starters You get complimentary bread and spinach pie.


13620914_10208575549719278_7854240500642679876_n  Food Network’s Guy Fieri likes the place.

13599940_10208575550119288_1895653443864043041_n 13612128_10208575550479297_5902426153601691771_n

My husband got the seafood bisque that is only available on the weekend and is so very worth it, and a salad. I got a Greek chicken soup and a Greek salad.


13606585_10208575551599325_6751592283655684051_n     Seafood Lovers treat that I enjoyed so very much. 13645153_10208575551319318_8723187020441516542_n Salmon Monte Carlo is what my husband enjoyed.

With all the food consumed while there we got dessert to go. I got the napoleon to compare to my former boss’s yummy dessert. 13669745_10208575560119538_3124623285817867899_n13659024_10208575559279517_3024159012061959304_n

My husband got the key lime pie. It was a huge piece of pie.


If you would like more information about the Marietta Dinner, you can find it here at their website

Okay, here is my actual review: The restaurant was rather busy, even later in the evening on a Friday. Although there were a lot of people waiting, their turn over is fairly quick, and we only had to wait about 15 minutes to get a table. In the heat of July, most restaurants are freezing cold from the AC blasting, not this one. In fact, it was a little warm in there, probably due to the amount of people they can get in the place. It is a very large restaurant with lots of seating, that was consistently filled while we were there. Our waiters name was Jordan, and he was a very nice and helpful young man and rather attentive, other than the 10 minutes that he seemed to be nowhere around, I don’t know what the story was with that.

The complementary spinach pie was barely warm, and not all that tasty. The bread was warm and yummy. Dinners come with both soup and salad. The seafood bisque that my husband got was very yummy. So worth the weekend crowd for this alone. My seafood lovers treat was fantastic. The scallops were cooked perfectly, moist and not dry at all. The whole thing was a 10. My husband got stuffed salmon, which he enjoyed. The amount of food you get is crazy. I highly suggest that unless you have a bottomless stomach, when you go plan to share a meal, instead of getting individual ones. This will save room for dessert and save you some on the bill.

We got dessert to go, to enjoy at a later time. I got a Napoleon, because I hadn’t had one in forever and wanted to compare it to the best I have ever enjoyed. Sorry to say that Marietta’s Napoleon couldn’t hold a candle to my former boss’s masterpiece. The key lime pie was a huge piece and very good. Thankfully my husband shared with me.

Over all, the Marietta Diner was a great experience. It’s not somewhere we will go to often. You get a ton of food and good service. Splitting a meal would be a great idea and save on the check. I will say that although it’s on the higher end for price, they definitely deliver more than any other high end place I have ever eaten. Their menu is huge, I have no idea how they pull off such great food with so much variety in what they cook. My husband and I are fans of chief Ramsay, and both commented that he would think their menu has way too many options. All in all, I would recommend going and experiencing this diner, it’s menu claims it is ranked #1 in Georgia and #3 in the country, and it just may be that good.


We are in our house/new home

The house search was interesting to say the least. Not like anything I have experienced before. It seems that it’s a fierce market for renters in Georgia, and that filling out applications and paying application fees should happen prior to looking at the house. Not only that, but some people will decide to rent a place without looking at it first. I can’t even imagine. Not to mention that it is difficult to make contact to even seen a property. Your best bet is to call and call until you talk to someone, because they don’t return or reply to emails. In fact your voice mail is often not going to result in a returned call. It is for this reason, and that the buying market is so hot here, that one of the realtors told me that I should consider getting my real-estate license. He told me that houses often only last a day on the market and that one could make a livable income pretty easily.

A week ago today we got the keys to our house. We found a company that we were comfortable with that we had an approved application in with, and decided to stick with them. The first house that we really thought we wanted, we turned down for a few reasons. The house that we chose to rent from them is nice. It’s everything that we need and some things that we wanted and most importantly, it is in a safer community than some of other areas we had considered. The town also comes with an unexpected and unintended bonus of being one of the towns that a television show that my husband and I are fans of has used for some of their filming, and some other movies have filmed here, too.

The house is a nice old house with great charm to it. It has some issues, but nothing that we can’t work around or that isn’t being addressed by the property management company. There are high ceilings, large rooms, a nice big front porch and an enclosed back porch. The kitchen has a huge double farm sized sink and lots of cupboards and the bonus of a gas stove. The bathroom has a new-ish vanity, with a faucet that lights when the water is turned on. The living room floor has a laminate that looks like hard wood. There are plenty of windows, and nice double doors from the kitchen to the back porch. And the back yard is rather large. There is also a floor to ceiling built in book shelf in the hallway, and some built in storage for bathroom linens by the bathroom.

The movers and trailer delivery’s earliest availability was for Monday, so we had to wait to actually move in to our new home. We spent Saturday cleaning the house with disposable wipes, b/c the previous tenant had broken off the outside water spicket which meant our water couldn’t be turned on yet. We met our neighbor lady, and she told us that the guy who lives across from her does some work for the owner of the house, so my husband went to talk to him to see if he knew how to turn the water on. He turned it on, and that is how we found out about the spicket being broken, so we had to shut it off until it was fixed. The neighbor called the owner and they said they would send someone to fix it on Monday. The neighbor took it upon himself to fix it on Sunday, (that’s real Southern hospitality)  so that on Monday when we got here, we could turn the water on. Thankfully the management company still sent the plumber/handy man, because we had him hook up the hose for the ice machine for our fridge. There are other issues that have been addressed and that we are waiting to have addressed, but so far we are really happy with the management company’s quick response and actions.

On Monday the movers arrived prior to the trailer, although it was scheduled so that the trailer would arrive first. The movers had to wait and we had to wait and the driver thought he couldn’t get the trailer to us once he arrived in town. We told him the way that we figured would be best and thankfully the city code enforcer and my husband had talked previously and he told my husband he could call and he would come over when the trailer was delivered to help if need be, and he came right over. My husband called the truck drivers dispatch to have it okay-ed for the driver to sit and wait while the movers unloaded, because he would only have enough time to get back to the city and then need to turn around and come pick the trailer up if he left, thankfully everyone was in agreement. By 2:15pm-ish, paperwork was signed and the movers and the truck were gone.

Having everything of ours back in a house we call home is very nice. We spent Monday doing the necessary things and organizing boxes so that I could get to and find stuff while unpacking. Tuesday our internet was hooked up. I have missed having our own internet. Tuesday is also the day that I unpacked and organized the kitchen. Wednesday I spent cleaning floors really well. Thursday I took the day off from unpacking and cleaning. Today I tackled the back porch. That is the one area that the property management company disappoints me the most. The previous tenant had dogs that they let go to the bathroom on the back porch…and the smell is something I have been battling since we got the keys. Today I scrubbed the heck out of the floor, multiple times. I have no idea how anyone lives like that. The washer and dryer hook ups are on the back porch and we would like to use it for other things, too. I think it’s going to need some Kilz put down on it, but I have improved it by 100%.

We are so glad to be out of the hotel and into a house. There are so many things great about this reality. I have lots of blogging to catch up on. Thanks for hanging in there and being patient through this transition with me. I hope to get some kind of a schedule going for my blog. I am working on the house and focusing on it at the moment, because school starts soon for me, I’d like to have the house set up before school starts. I am doing all of my schooling online for my final two semesters, because I thought it would be easier than trying to find a school to transfer to here. This should be interesting, as I have no previous experience with online school, other than web-blended classes. Another new adventure.

It’s getting real

There is no denying the fact that we are moving. Our living room is full of boxes thanks to the diligent work and assistance from my sister over the weekend. I still having packing to do, but not a lot. Today the trailer that we ordered through UPack was delivered. The huge trailer parked at the side of our house means there is no denying it now.

We still have no idea where we will live in Georgia. That is a little frustrating. But my husband’s company will put us up in an extended stay place until we find a place. It should be a lot easier to find a place to live once we are actually in the area.

I am looking forward to this new adventure, very much. I still need to get the dog in for his shots to be updated, finish packing before the movers come and then clean up the house. I already have the mail scheduled to be held.

My husband’s work had a company lunch for him today along with a cake to wish him well on this new venture. That was very nice of them. It is so nice to have him with a company that is so appreciative and nurturing of his potential.

My mind is ready for the move. My heart is going to miss our granddaughter the most of all. Yes, I will miss my daughters, but they are both adults now and in that stage of pulling away unless I can do something for them. Hopefully absence will make the heart grow fonder in their case. I will miss my family. Having them so close has been really nice. But it’s not the dark ages, there are cell phones and computers and the like that can keep us connected. And they will all have a great vacation destination, too.

I find myself today watching our granddaughter so closely, wanting to memorize everything about her. All while knowing that she will grow and change so much. I hope that my daughter will allow us to Skype regularly with her, because her baby girl means the world to me. And I never want her to forget me, because she is always on my mind and in my heart.

It’s amazing how we can plan and prepare for something and yet it’s magnitude isn’t felt until it is so close. I will become a frequent flyer just to remain close to our grandbaby…. this from someone who has never flown before.

This adventure will be grand and allow for us to see and visit places we had only previously imagined. I am excited for this new chapter in our lives.

It’s getting really real, really quick.